Water is the cultural repository of Rajasthan. Its textiles, art, food, culture, valour, nothing would exist in its absence and every tale becomes magical in its presence.

A land with practically no water evolved a beautiful culture around it that sustained life in the most inhospitable terrain for centuries.

Heritage Water Walk is an hour and a half to two-hour walk designed to understand the sacredness of water in rajasthani culture and the wisdom of our ancestors.

It uncovers the stories hidden in the majestic forts of Nahargarh and Amber–Stories of water, stories of people and stories of life as it evolved in the desert.

Told in a story format, it connects with people of all ages and cultures. For some it has surprise element, for some it brings respect for our ancestors’ ingenuity, for someone an eye opener, it triggers sustainability thoughts for some, but for everyone it is a fun and happy experience!

Meet Our Expert

Friendly, fun, experienced and most importantly – full of information!

Neeraj Doshi

A seventeenth generation registani*, Neeraj has decade and a half experience of working in sustainability space.

He has merged his passion for water and love for storytelling to create enriching and entertaining water walks at Nahargarh Fort and Amber Palace in Jaipur. Through these fun walks, he shares the water wisdom of rajasthani people and tells the story of a water civilization that arose from desert.

Neeraj is a graduate from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University, Boston.

*registani: A person from Desert.