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Heritage Water Walk at Amber Palace Jaipur

How Binya a young Indian American girl rescues a water-depleted world through her innocence and help from an ancient guard protecting Amber Palace for his Maharaja!

The Story of Amber Water lifting and harvesting structures is the story of ingenuity of Rajasthani society to innovate for all its needs. Water harvesting system of Amber Palace sheds light on provision of water for large residences, refined water conservation mechanism and superior architectural practices of 16th century Rajputana. Raja Mansingh Ji I built Amber Palace in 1599. It was further expanded for next 150 years by Mirza Raja Jai Singh ji and Jai Singh ji II until Jai Singh Ji II decided to move the capital to newly built Jaipur City in 1743. 

The extensive water system of Amber Palace is one of the most significant features of the Palace, however it has not received the attention that it truly deserves.  Amber palace has two sources of water – Maota Lake and rainwater harvesting within the palace. A series of six structures (buildings) lift water from Maota Lake all the way up to the fort through a complex relay-rehant system. Unlike, Rainwater Harvesting System (RWH) of Fort Jaigarh and Nahargarh, which collect water from surrounding hills via extensive network of drains, Amber Palace uses a much more sophisticated mechanism to lift water few hundred feet above.

Tour Details


Duration: 2 Hours
(Shorter duration walks can be customised as per demand)
Timings: flexible (Everyday upon availability from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm (Palace timings). Booking is required.
Meeting point: Ticket office of Amber Palace
Starting point: Water Lifting buildings
Finish point: Diwan-i-aam Taanka (Tank)
Important Info: 

  • Water Walk includes parts of Amber Palace, which are only accessible to water walk guests.
  • Water walk price includes entry ticket of the palace. After the Walk, same ticket can be used to view the monument.
  • Relaxed walk of less than 500 meters with breaks.
  • Please carry cap/hat/umbrella, if possible.
  • Wear sneakers /comfortable shoes as some parts of the palace has steep stairs.


INR 1100/- per person
(Indian Nationals)

INR 1500/- per person

  • For more than 5 persons, Ask for group price.